Disability Employment Initiative and Career Pathways Series

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This three part DEI Grantee Learning Opportunity provides examples of how DEI projects are using DEI intervention strategies to create inclusive career pathways.

Part 1: Integrating DEI and Career Pathways Strategies to Promote Inclusivity examines strategies to ensure that existing State Career Pathways systems and local Career Pathways programs are fully integrated and accessible for all WIOA customers.

Part 2: DEI Career Pathways The Examples You Have Been Seeking examines how DEI has been able to increase access to and outcomes within Career Pathways for job seekers with disabilities utilizing examples culled from the field.

Part 3: DEI Career Pathways Lessons Learned for Program and System Impact provides guidance to the DEI field around DEI strategies at the state and local site level for increasing access to Career Pathways programs and systems.

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