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These resources are designed to support the daily work of DEI grantees. The DEI strategies are implemented by Disability Resource Coordinators (DRCs) who are front line professional employment counselors with expertise and training in working with people with disabilities as well as effecting systems change within the American Job Centers. The DRCs are overseen by DEI State Project Leads who submit quarterly reports on their progress.

To support our joint efforts to effectively and efficiently carry out the objectives of the grant, these technical assistance resources are provided for your ongoing reference:

DEI Directory - Directory of key contacts for each DEI grantee. This includes the listing of Federal Project Officers assigned to monitor the grant, NDI Technical Assistance Liaisons, State Project Leads, and Disability Resource Coordinators (DRCs).

DEI State Project Lead Resources - Technical resources to support State Project Leads on the start-up phase and grant implementation. Also, a useful reference for new DEI State Project Leads transitioning into this role.

DEI Disability Resource Coordinator Resources - Technical resources to support Disability Resource Coordinators (DRCs) at all stages of project implementation. The link includes tools and resources helpful to all DRCs. You can also explore:

DEI National Program Office Liaison Designations –  Updated.  DEI State Liaison Directory from National Office (ETA and ODEP) available to support 18 DEI grantees with one on one customized technical assistance. 

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