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This page contains both current and archived resources of interest to support Disability Resource Coordinators (DRCs) in carrying out the mission at the front-line community level. Each resource will include a brief description along with a hyperlink to the resource and suggested uses to support your scope of work. It will align to whether it is applicable to a specific population focus, the most relevant career pathway element(s), and applicable DEI service delivery strategies.

  • Population Focus: Adult, Youth, Significant
  • Career Pathway Elements:
    • Build cross-agency partnerships
    • Identify sector or industry and engage business
    • Design education and training programs
    • Identify funding needs and sources
    • Align policies and programs
    • Measure systems change and performance
  • DEI Service Delivery Strategies:
    • Participating as a Workforce Employment Network
    • Promoting physical, programmatic and communication access / Using Universal Design Principles
    • Integrating and Leveraging Resources / Using IRT approach
    • Implementing financial literacy / capability strategies
    • Implementing Customized Employment strategies
    • Implementing Youth Guideposts / Use of ILPs
    • Support job-driven flexible approaches
    • Developing partnerships at the state and local level

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