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This page contains links to a suite of technical assistance and training tools and resources to support DEI Project Lead management of the DEI. The information is separated by grant round for Rounds VIII and VII projects. The first document under “Related Content” includes an annotated list of the tools and resources associated with the three key sections of the State Project Lead Resources Page: Main, Round VIII DEI State Leads, and Round VII DEI State Leads.

Round VIII Disability Employment Initiative State Leads
This page contains links to Round VIII Grant Implementation and On-going Support Resources.

Round VII Disability Employment Initiative State Leads
This page contains links to Round VII Grant Implementation and On-going Support Resources.

Additional Tools and Resources
Under "Related Content" and below are links to tools and resources that will be helpful to all state-level DEI staff.
  • DEI Quarterly Narrative Reporting Guidance - This page provides links to procedures for quarterly narrative reporting along with technical assistance and examples on reporting.
  • DEI Allowable Use of Grant Funds - This Toolkit includes examples from the field of how grantees are supporting grant provisions.
  • DEI Administrative Meetings for Project Leads - This page contains links to information and resources shared during the bi-monthly administrative meetings for DEI Project Leads.
  • DEI Grant Information - This page contains links to resources that provide current and historical information about the Disability Employment Initiative.
  • DEI Disability Resource Coordinator Resources - This page created for DRCs contains links to technical assistance resources to support DRCs at all stages of project implementation.
  • DEI Employment Network Tools - This page contains links to tools and resources for Employment Network Operations in the public workforce system.
  • DEI Directory - This page contains links to state and local DEI contact charts. Please ensure the NDI-DEI team has your latest contact information to keep resources up-to-date.
  • DEI Best Practices Highlights - This page contains links to DEI strategies that are impacting the workforce system to increase access to and participation of job seekers with disabilities in career pathways and workforce services at all levels.
  • DEI Monthly Resource Updates - This link includes access to current / new resources of interest and how they can support the work that Disability Resource Coordinators are doing at the community level.
  • WIOA State Maps - State and Local Plans make reference to Career Pathways and how the AJC will comply with the nondiscrimination requirements regarding physical and programmatic accessibility. Access your State Plan to learn what your state is doing in these areas and how your DEI project can be more connected/integrated.
  • Data and Resources to Inspire a Vision of Employment (DRIVE) - Houses disability-employment related statistics, state disability employment policies, information about WIOA implementation from a disability perspective, and capacity-building information.

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