Tools and Resources for Intermediate/Advanced DRCs

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This page contains links to tools and resources to help DRCs, in their position for more than six months, to assist the workforce system in maximizing its capacity to serve and achieve outcomes on behalf of job seekers with disabilities. Your Technical Assistance Liaison, in coordination with your project leadership, will help introduce you to these resources and facilitate your use of these tools during project implementation.

DEI Business Engagement Community of Practice
Access ideas and insights into how to more effectively engage business partners in hiring job seekers with disabilities as an integrated strategy of AJC service delivery.

DEI Workforce EN Community of Practice
Access ideas and insights on operating Workforce ENs from seasoned DRCs and other DEI project staff from across the country that have achieved success operating Workforce ENs.

DEI Projects and Career Pathways
Provides information and resources specifically designed to support access to and the participation of individuals with disabilities in WIOA-funded employment and training services, particularly those related to career pathways.

DEI Best Practices Highlights
DEI strategies by your peers that are impacting the workforce system to increase access to and participation of job seekers with disabilities in career pathways and workforce services at all levels.

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