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Under "Related Content", this page contains links to tools and resources to help orient DRCs (in position for up to six months) to their role, responsibilities and initial project implementation.  Your Technical Assistance Liaison, in coordination with your project leadership, will help introduce you to these resources and facilitate your use of these tools during project implementation.

  1. Round VIII DEI Project Lead’s Orientation
    Covers the DEI landscape, history and connection to WIOA; DEI nuts and bolts; and clarifies roles and responsibilities at the national, regional and contractual level.
  2. Integrated Resource Team (IRT)
    Includes tools and resources to assist in the understanding and implementation of an IRT.
  3. Guideposts for Success
    Incorporates an approach to career pathways programs for youth that implement strategies based upon the youth “Guideposts for Success”. (NCWD/Youth, national partner)
  4. Customized Employment Strategies
    To help job seekers with significant disabilities and multiple challenges to employment participate in customized career pathways programs. (LEAD Center, national partner)
  5. Expanding Apprenticeship for Individuals with Disabilities
    Includes information and resources on programs that encourage hiring individuals with disabilities into Apprenticeship programs, toolkits and guides developed to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities through Apprenticeship, and outreach and background materials to support individuals with disabilities in Apprenticeship opportunities.
  6. DEI Orientation Series: The Role of the DRC
    Introduces DRCs to their role; and their role related to the Ticket to Work Program and operating as workforce ENs; supporting AJCs in implementing WIOA with a focus on serving job seekers with disabilities; and Asset Development and how it ties into WIOA.

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