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Under "Related Content", this page created for Disability Resource Coordinators (DRCs) contains links to the following tools and resources, which are further outlined in the “Annotated List of Tools and Resources” included as the last document.

1) ForBEGINNER DRCs, a separate web page of tools and resources dedicated to help orient you to your role, responsibilities and initial project implementation;
2) For INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED DRCs, a separate web page of tools and resources to assist the workforce system in maximizing its capacity to serve and achieve outcomes on behalf of job seekers with disabilities; and
3) Additional links to tools and resources on the Main page that are helpful to ALL DRCs.  A description of the additional links can be found in the “Annotated List of Tools and Resources”.

DEI projects hire or designate Disability Resource Coordinators to work with the local and state-level DEI project leadership to carry out the goals of the DEI including implementation of the strategic approaches identified in the project’s statement of work.  DRCs have disability-related and workforce knowledge skills, experience, and abilities that can be applied to implementing the project design at the local level.

The DRC position, among other responsibilities, will:

  1. Assist in identifying and leveraging disability-related resources and partners to support career pathway efforts;

  2. Advise on how to promote participation of individuals with disabilities in career pathways systems and programs;

  3. Coordinate with career pathway programs’ direct service delivery staff, including career coaches;

  4. Assist LWDB, AJC staff, community college, business, and other partner training (e.g. on such topics as Ticket to Work as a potential source for training funds, accommodations, assistive technology, discovery process, or assessments);

  5. Assist recruitment of individuals with disabilities to participate in career pathways programs and to utilize AJC services;

  6. Help expand the workforce development system’s participation as Employment Networks (EN) and help Ticket Holders to participate in career pathways programs;

  7. Help ensure access to all the different programs and services, including career and training services offered through the AJCs to participate in existing career pathways programs; and

  8. Facilitate an Integrated Resource Team approach to leverage resources needed to fully participate in existing career pathway programs and to achieve their employment goals.

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