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Disability Resource Coordinators work with local and state leadership to carry out DEI project goals and objectives. This page contains links to a suite of technical assistance and training tools and resources to support project implementation over the course of your grant. The first document under “Related Content” includes an annotated list of the tools and resources associated with the three key sections of the DRC Resources Page: Main, Beginner, and Intermediate/Advanced.

Tools and Resources for Beginner DRCs
This page contains links to tools and resources to help orient DRCs (in position for up to six months) to their role, responsibilities and initial project implementation.

Tools and Resources for Intermediate/Advanced DRCs
This page contains links to tools and resources to help DRCs, in their position for more than six months, to assist the workforce system in maximizing its capacity to serve and achieve outcomes on behalf of job seekers with disabilities.

Additional Tools and Resources
Under “Related Content” and below are inks to tools and resources that will be helpful to all DRCs.
  • New and Improved Disability CoP and DEI Resources on WorkforceGPS - Overview of the DEI Community of Practice and other WorkforceGPS tools and resources.
  • DEI National TA Overview of Services - Outlines services provided by the national TA provider.
  • DEI Grant Information - Resources that provide current and historical information about the Disability Employment Initiative.
  • DEI Directory - DEI State Lead and DRC contact charts.
  • DEI Employment Network Tools - Links to tools and resources to support your Employment Network Operations in the public workforce system.
  • DEI Alphabet Soup - List of common disability employment acronyms along with a brief description with a web link to find more information, if applicable.
  • DEI Monthly Resource Updates - Current / new resources of interest and how they can support the work that you are doing at the community level.
  • DEI Best Practices Highlights - DEI strategies that are impacting the workforce system to increase access to and participation of job seekers with disabilities in career pathways and workforce services at all levels.
  • Business 30-Second Training Series and Guide - Strategies and resources for employers that can assist in retaining and accommodating employees who experience disability.
  • WorkforceGPS Career Pathways Community - Enhance your knowledge, skills, and expertise in building effective career pathways systems.
  • WorkforceGPS Innovation and Opportunity Network Community - A national, regional, state and local alliance that makes available the technical assistance, information sharing, and training needed to implement the vision of WIOA.
  • WorkforceGPS Apprenticeship Community - Online resource for stakeholders and partners to share information and learn from peers regarding innovative Apprenticeship strategies and partnerships.
  • WIOA State Plans - This is a good source to learn what your state is doing around career pathways and Section 188 and how your DEI project can be more connected/integrated.

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