SSA Benefit Basics for American Job Center Customers with Disabilities


Receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and/or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) can be an integral part of American Job Center (AJC) customers' financial picture and can directly relate to their ability to work, develop assets and accrue wealth.  Information on Ticket to Work and disability benefit resources are provided here through the technical assistance tools developed for Department of Labor's Disability Employment Initiative (DEI) by the National Disability Institute.

Individuals with disabilities that receive SSDI or SSI are sometimes confused by the Social Security rules that govern these programs and the fact that there are also many Work Incentives established to assist them in entering or returning to work when properly understood and utilized.  It is important that AJC staff as well as those administering a DEI grant understand the fundamentals of SSA disability benefit programs including how to apply for benefits.

Social Security Disability Benefits Toolkit was designed to provide information and resources to American Job Center staff to assist customers who want to learn more about applying for Social Security Benefits.

A Webinar Archive is also available on Ticket to Work basics for American Job Center staff that provides an overview of the Ticket to Work program, EN application process, payment process, and process for assigning Tickets by Ticket Holders.

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