Madera County - AJC Customer Flow Modeled on DEI Grant Activities

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The attach resource demonstrates how Madera County, CA, created an exemplary customer flow approach utilizing their Disability Employment Initiative (DEI) project as the model for all customers accessing their American Job Centers (AJC) due to its success under DEI.

Prior to the DEI project, Madera County had multiple staff working with customers at different phases of their process. When they received the DEI project, it implemented a "cradle to grave" delivery model. This required assigning one staff person to work with customers being connected to DEI strategies from beginning to end, which would minimize the number of times these individuals had to disclose their disability to staff.

This delivery model was such a success that in July 2013, the AJC transitioned the WIA process to this "cradle to grave" model as well. Staff were cross trained in various WIA processes, their titles changed, their responsibilities changed, and the customer flow changed to ensure that staff were serving all customers from beginning to end (i.e., this included eligibility through employment). At t

At that time, the Madera County workforce system also developed a Peer Advisory Team that consists of 3 DEI mentors. These volunteers receive a stipend of $150 bimonthly for the work that they do if they log in a minimum of 10 hours. These mentors had been tasked with researching and generating a resource list for customers, attending job fairs and other veteran/DEI events, and plan/facilitate the larger DEI mentoring meetings.

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