Connecticut DEI Diverse Ability Career Fairs

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The December DEI Business Engagement Community of Practice represented the launch that allowed DEI Grantees to learn about the new CoP and also included DEI Project Lead for Round IV Connecticut, Karen Quesnel along with her state level Vocational Rehabilitation Partner, Mark Henry, Director of Employer Development.

Our facilitators for this Community of Practice are Nikki Powis and Miranda Kennedy with the NDI-DEI Technical Assistance Team. Karen Quesnel serves as the Project Lead for the Connecticut Round IV Adult (and newly funded Round VII Youth) DEI Projects. Karen and her VR “partner-in-crime” Mark Henry, Director of Employer Development will be sharing the strategies related to the four, and counting, Diverse Ability Career Fairs held across Connecticut since the beginning of their DEI funding. Connecticut DEI uses a very comprehensive approach to engage businesses that has resulted in successful outcomes for job seekers with disabilities.

DEI Grantees and DRCs will come away from the CoP with the following:

  • An overview of the DEI Business Engagement CoP and how it works
  • Information from our CT DEI Project and their VR Partners on Diverse Ability Career Fairs
  • An opportunity for discussion around strategies for inclusive Job Fairs and key partnerships

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