NEW YORK - Ticket Ambassador DeAngelo - How to Inspire Ticket Holders


The October 2016 DEI Workforce Employment Network Community of Practice will allow DEI Grantees to hear from one of our 10 DEI Ticket Ambassadors, Kathy DeAngelo with CDO Workforce New York on Inspiring Ticket Holders.

Our facilitators for this Community of Practice are Miranda Kennedy and Kevin Nickerson with the NDI-DEI Technical Assistance Team. Kathy DeAngelo served as the Disability Resource Coordinator under the NYS Round 1 DEI project, and continues to manage the Ticket program for her center, CDO Workforce NY. Kathy will be sharing her strategies on how to inspire Ticket Holders. Kathy uses a unique approach to engage her customers, and has experienced success in recruiting Ticket Holders as a result. Come listen in and be prepared to ask questions of our Ticket Ambassadors.

DEI Grantees and DRCs will come away from the CoP with the following:

  • How to contact the 10 DEI Ticket Ambassadors
  • Information from our Norwich, New York DEI Ticket Ambassador on how to inspire Ticket holders, helping them to take important steps toward self-sufficiency
  • Answers to Workforce EN/Ticket questions from peers in the field/Ticket Ambassadors

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