Individualized Career Development Plan (ICDP) Tool for Workforce


The NDI-Disability Employment Initiative (DEI) team collaborated with the National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability for Youth (NCWD/Youth) to adapt the Right Turn Individualized Career Development Plan (ICDP) tool for Adults and the out-of-school population. 

This is a joint activity that came from the coordinated activities to support the DEI youth projects.  This tool is person-centered and has been designed to help customers take a holistic look at themselves and their interests and abilities and then match that to potential career paths.  It creates a customer driven career goal resulting in a much greater commitment on the part of the customer because it is specific to them and their needs, wants, aptitudes, abilities and interests.

The ICDP is a tool/resource that can be used by the American Job Center and partner staff to engage customers in a strength-based, person-centered self and career exploration process.  ICDP is based on the Youth Development/Adult Progressive Development Framework which examines five key areas:

  • Learning
  • Workin
  • Connecting
  • Thriving
  • Leading

 Two Potential Formats for the ICDP:

Individual - The ICDP
  • Traditional One-on-One Case Management Activity 

Group - The ICDP as a guided group activity

  • Facilitated Workshop Activity (Led by AJC Staff)

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