Career Pathway Readiness Assessment Tool for DEI


This tool is developed for DEI Grantees and is adapted from Section Two of the Career Pathways Toolkit to aid in assessing the state/local career pathways initiative in relationship to the components of each element that make up an optimal career pathways system.

The organization of the assessment tool follows the Six Key Elements of Career Pathways Framework. This document also includes a complementary “Next Steps Action Planning Tool” (adapted from the Career Pathways Toolkit) to help DEI grantees capture and carry out prioritized action steps that were identified in the Readiness Assessment Tool.

These tools will help DEI sites gain needed information and insight in order to better understand how existing career pathways are currently working and what elements could benefit from being better aligned.  With this information projects will be able to integrate components of the DEI, along with assistance from the DRC, into those pathways.

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Target Populations: Disabilities, persons with


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