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Under “Related Content”, this page contains links to tools and resources for Employment Network Operations in the public workforce system.  Operating as an Employment Network (EN) under Social Security Administration's (SSA) Ticket to Work Program is an important strategic approach to sustainability of a Disability Employment Initiative grant project or to reinforce quality services to customers with disabilities on SSA disability benefits.

Engagement with the Ticket to Work Program is a requirement in the Disability Employment Initiative grant program and reaps other benefits for those with challenges to employment by providing a potential revenue stream. Additionally, becoming a workforce EN, AJCs improve services and address the needs of people with disabilities receiving Supplemental Security Income/Social Security Disability Insurance (SSI/SSDI) cash benefits.

  1. Workforce EN Planning Guide - This checklist helps DEI projects that are in the process of applying to become Employment Networks, or are new to providing EN services. It will assist DEI projects in identifying some key questions to consider from a business operations standpoint as projects begin accepting Ticket Holders.
  2. EN Ticket Assessment Guide - Designed to assist workforce ENs in understanding the customer flow as it relates to the Ticket Program in the job center, plus guidance to determine whether or not they can provide the services the Ticket Holder may need and thus determine whether or not to assign the ticket.
  3. Timely Progress Guidelines - Used to help ENs assess whether a Ticket Holder is on track and also effects EN payments. This document explains the Timely Progress Guidelines.
  4. Payments at a Glance - Provides an overview of the Ticket Program payment structure, including payment options and schedule of payments based upon achieving training and employment goals.
  5. SSA Individualized Work Plan (IWP) -  This template has been developed by the NDI-DEI team to support Workforce ENs.  It is optional, and has been approved by the Ticket Program Manager's Program Integrity department for use by Workforce ENs.   
  6. "Example" of the Individualized Work Plan (IWP) - This form provides an example of the IWP completed with the required elements the Ticket Program Manager wishes to see, using SMART goals.
  7. DEI Workforce EN CoP -  This Community of Practice provides examples of current and former local- and state-level DEI project staff, who are operating Workforce ENs and the promising practices they are using to assist Ticket Holders and achieve success in American Job Centers.
  8. TEN 02-14 - ETA Training and Employment Notice - Receiving Ticket payments as an Employment Network

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