New and Improved Disability CoP and DEI Resources on WorkforceGPS

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

3:00 PM ~ 4:00 PM ET

This DEI Grantee Training provided a walk-through of the newly updated Disability and Employment Community of Practice that contains resources designed to help connect three key pieces together -- the American Job Center, the employer and individuals with disabilities.


It will walk you through Front Line DEI Resources on the Disability Employment Initiative (DEI) Community of Practice designed to support the daily work of grantees. These resources, which are housed on the public workforce web portal - WorkforceGPS - have been reformatted to be more readily accessible for our DEI grantees and include tools and guides for Project Leads, local DEI pilot area staff and DRCs, who are both new and further advanced in their work. You will find information on best and promising practices from our DEI Community of Practices on Workforce EN and Business Engagement archives, toolkits and guiding documents from your peers across the country who are sharing how they have achieved successful employment outcomes for job seekers with disabilities and so much more!

DEI Grantees and DRCs will come away from the presentation with the following:

  • An Introduction to Workforce GPS and how it can work for you
  • How to “Connect the Pieces” of the Disability and Employment CoP and other Communities
  • An Overview of the DEI Community of Practice and DEI Resources
  • Tips and Strategies for Project Implementation and System Capacity Building Success


Miranda Kennedy, National Disability Institute,
DEI Director of Training and Technical Assistance


Laura Gleneck
Program Manager, DEI Technical Assistance Team

Miranda Kennedy
DEI Director of Training and Technical Assistance

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